Why Southeast Ohio

Business Advantages of Southern and Eastern Ohio

The APEG region is centrally located with great access to markets on the East Coast, Midwest and even into the South.  The 14,000 square miles of APEG’s region in southern and eastern Ohio are home to a manufacturing tradition plus the skilled workforce and logistics to serve industry supply chains and deliver raw materials and finished product.  Key industries include primary and fabricated metals, chemicals, polymers, power generation, food processing, hardwood lumber and wood products, paper, automotive suppliers and distribution centers.

APEG & JobsOhio

APEG is a private non-profit economic development corporation and the JobsOhio network partner in the southeast region of Ohio.  APEG works with companies in 25 Appalachian Ohio counties to facilitate their growth, capital investment and job creation.

JobsOhio is a private, non-profit corporation designed to drive job creation and new capital investment in Ohio through business attraction, retention, and expansion services.  JobsOhio leads an innovative and aggressive statewide economic development effort and partners with businesses through a network of six regional organizations and local development agencies to grow Ohio’s economy.

APEG and JobsOhio, working in partnership with local economic development organizations, form an economic development network that is having great success.  Every day, this network supports companies as they thrive and grow in the profitable and modern-day region traditionally called Appalachian Ohio.

Southern & Eastern Ohio offer:

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