Quality of Life

The values and culture found in America’s small towns attract some to the APEG region; for others it’s opportunity to be close to the land and own acreage.  For all enjoying the changing seasons and natural beauty of southern and eastern Ohio is part of the appeal of the region.

RECREATION.  The Ohio River and the rolling wooded hills and forests provide abundant natural resources for biking, hiking, hunting , fishing, camping and boating.  The Wayne National Forest or one of the numerous state parks offer a wide spectrum of opportunities for outdoor recreation and exploration.

HISTORY. The history-rich region is integral to the nation’s past from the pre-historic Adena mound-building culture to Revolutionary and Civil War battle sites to the first settlement outside the original 13 colonies (Marietta, 1788).  Numerous museums and historic sites tell the stories.

ART.  Artists and artisans are drawn to the region which is long respected for handmade furniture, baskets, paper and pottery as well as fine arts.   Museums, galleries, craft shows and fair across the region showcase the talented artist of Appalachian Ohio.

LOCATION.  APEG’s counties provide an affordable, peaceful life-style with a convenient access to major cities like Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.  Some communities are within commuting distance of metropolitan locations.

CLIMATE.  The region experiences four distinct seasons; average temperatures range from a high of 85.8 degrees to a low of 15.5 degrees (Fahrenheit).