Forest & Wood Products

From the southern forestlands and lumber producers to the skilled furniture makers of the eastern counties, Appalachian Ohio’s forest and wood industries employ more than 26,000 workers and generate $5.2 billion each year toward the region’s economy.

Nearly 85 percent of the state’s commercial logging is in the Appalachian hardwood forests.  The oak, hickory, maple, poplar, walnut and beech logs are highly valued both domestically and worldwide.   In addition to logging, the region’s robust manufacturing supply chain includes pulp and paper, sawmilling, millwork and architectural products.

Hardwood Products Manufacturing

Eastern and southern Ohio’s hardwood forests have given rise to a robust wood products manufacturing industry and the supply chain and workforce for a strong future of growth and expansion.

Growing Ohio’s $24.9 billion wood industry is a commitment to continue utilizing the natural resources of the region.  The Business Case for Hardwood Products describes the low cost of operations and tax advantages in rural Ohio.  The existing facilities and available sites in the region back our intention.

Ohio’s Appalachian counties are home to the largest hardwood furniture manufacturing sector in the nation.  The sector is comprised primarily of Amish furniture-making businesses whose products are in high demand at home and abroad.

Ohio’s annual economic contribution from the forest and wood sector is $24.9 billion.  APEG provides technical support to this statewide industry group through its Forest to Furniture initiative.