Forest to Furniture

Forest and wood products represent a $24 billion industry  in Ohio. This enormous economic contributor has been relatively under served, a hardwood iceberg with different sectors apparent in different parts of the state, until APEG recognized its contribution and potential.

In recognition of this vast industry’s reach into all 32 of Ohio’s designated-Appalachian counties, the Small Business Administration is funding a Regional Innovation Cluster initiative through APEG to support and develop the small businesses making up this supply chain — Forest to Furniture.

The eight million acres of Ohio’s forest (the majority located in eastern and southern counties) are 96 percent hardwoods, highly valued around the world.   Oak, hickory, maple, beech and birch logs and sawed boards join the supply chain of manufactured wood products made in Ohio, North America and are exported to manufacturers around the globe.

In the eastern counties of Appalachian Ohio the primarily-Amish furniture making companies represent one of the largest hardwood furniture manufacturing sector in the nation.  The region’s hardwood furniture is know for its quality workmanship and has a worldwide market.

APEG provides industry support for forest and wood products statewide through an SBA Regional Innovation Cluster Initiative.

Ohio’s annual economic contribution from the forest and wood sector is $24.9 billion.  Regional and Ohio economic impact data has been developed by Ohio University, Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs.