Whether it is Fortune 500 food companies or regionally branded “local foods,” Appalachian Ohio’s food industries offer something for everyone from the budget-minded consumer, to the health conscious shopper, to the gourmet chef.

From frozen pizza to aquacultured shrimp, Appalachian Ohio food manufacturers are hard at work for the everyday consumer.  Millions of frozen entrees and snacks are produced daily and shipped around the globe.  With its organic and local foods movement dating back to the 1970’s, regional products range from fresh organic produce and dairy products to heritage-corn tortilla chips.  Forest-grown ginseng, artisanal cheeses and nationally renowned craft beers are among the regional products sought after by snackers and gourmands alike.

Delicious, Nutritious Foods Made Here

Ohio and the APEG region host a remarkable array of companies that cultivate, process and distribute food products across the continent and around the world.
With its accessible transportation corridors, abundant water and labor surplus, the APEG region is already home to more than 120 food processing companies of all sizes and flavors.
Get your product to market with multiple east-west and north-south interstates and uncontested four lane highways. APEG is a one-day drive to 60 percent of the U.S. and Canadian populations.