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APEG Connects You to Growth

APEG is a private non-profit economic development corporation that works with companies to facilitate growth, capital investment and job creation throughout Southeast Ohio.  As JobsOhio’s official regional partner, APEG serves as the field staff for JobsOhio in southeast Ohio.  We connect companies with development financing and incentive programs and serve as a liaison to state and local agencies to help expedite business development projects.

APEG assists businesses in accessing JobsOhio economic development incentive and financial assistance programs.  These programs are available to existing companies in the APEG region making capital investments and creating jobs in JobsOhio Target Industries. Eligibility is determined on a case by case basis and depends upon job creation, job retention, capital investment, wage rates and total payroll, return on investment to Ohio, industry classification, interstate competition, and other factors.

APEG provides business development services in the following areas:

Site Selection: APEG maintains an inventory of industrial sites and buildings and can help your company find a new location.

APEG Has The Resources To Fuel Your Growth!

As the JobsOhio partner in southern and eastern Ohio, APEG can offer businesses looking to grow information, access to resources and recommendations on available programs from the state.

APEG has the ability to quickly bring together the right people and information to address business growth challenges and offer insight in areas such as funding opportunities, tax incentives, regulatory issues and the right methods to access the region’s talent pool.

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Contact: Mike Jacoby
VP - Business Development