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International Company Selects APEG Location

Monolithic Refractories Manufacturing

HarbisonWalker International produces a wide range of refractory products including bricks, monolithics, high-temperature insulation materials, fiber, insulating firebricks and precast shapes. The South Point plant will manufacture monolithics.

The Point Industrial Park in Lawrence County has been chosen by HarbisonWalker International (HWI) as the location for a new $30 million monolithic refractories manufacturing facility.   The plant will  build large refractory products that can be molded or shaped for specialty usage.

Refractory materials are non-metallic and retain their strength in high temperature manufacturing like steel and glass making.  They are used in environments above 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit as linings for furnaces, kilns, incinerators and reactors.

Pittsburgh-based HWI is the largest supplier of refractory products and services in the nation with 17 manufacturing facilities and 30 global sourcing centers.

Intermodal Transport

Ohio River access as well as Ohio and interstate…

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Appalachian Partnership Board of Directors

APEG welcomes a new member to its Board of Directors.

Kevin King

Kevin King is the director of industry partnerships for Ohio University.  The new position is designed to help the university develop and enhance private sector relationships that support research, technology commercialization, fundraising and student career opportunities.

On behalf of APEG he will create an advisory group made up of post-secondary Appalachian Partnership education and training providers.

King holds a bachelor’s degree in zoology from Ohio University and a doctorate in biology from the University of Missouri.   He has 18 years of managing research and development in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries including Midwest Research Institute in Kansas City, Mo., and Quidel Corp. in Athens (formerly Diagnostic Hybrids).

See APEG Board of Directors at:

2017.1, Page 1

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Right Site Key to Business Attraction

Attracting a new company to build or locate in the Appalachian Partnership region most often starts with a detailed list

View the Leesburg site and all of APEG’s 609 available sites and buildings at

of questions about land.

“Site selectors request dozens of data points we need to have at our fingertips,” said Mike Jacoby, vice president for APEG business development.  “Information about available utilities is usually a starting point but site-specific engineering details and due diligence studies are also required.”

The basic site characteristics are expected to be available online, the starting point for most industry location searches.  As one of JobsOhio’s six network partners, APEG’s available sites can be searched through a powerful new software called Zoom Prospector by GIS Planning that has been implemented statewide.

Site Authentication

SiteOhio Authenticated is a new program developed by JobsOhio to help communities win projects by…

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Kerry Makes Drinks Enjoyed by All Ages

When you punch a straw into a kid’s juice box you’re breaking the seal on an aseptic product, one that may have been made at the Kerry facility in Byesville, Ohio.

The Guernsey County plant, which has been making juice since 1984, uses cutting edge aseptics technology to produce juice, fruit smoothie base and non-alcoholic adult bar mixes in air-tight packaging.

“From ingredient blending through pasteurization to the filling lines and packaging, everything in our manufacturing process is sterile,” explained John Kasinecz, Kerry plant manager.  “The ultra-high temperature pasteurization (UHT) process we use destroys any microbes in the juices which means they can’t spoil and don’t require refrigeration.”

About 20 percent of Kerry’s customers are retail grocery shoppers. The other 80 percent is the food service industry including well-known restaurant chains, bars and…

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