The Appalachian Partnership region has a long tradition of entrepreneurship and manufacturing going back to 1788.  That’s  when the first post-Revolutionary War settlement outside the 13 original colonies was founded at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers.

We know how to make things

Known for a strong work ethic and dedication to family and community, one in seven of the region’s working adults holds a job in manufacturing.  This skilled workforce supports key industries in polymers and chemicals, metal fabrication, food processing and wood products including, forestry and logging, solid wood processing, pulp and paper.  The region represents largest hardwood furniture manufacturing sector in the nation.

The natural gas and petroleum produced by the Utica and Marcellus shale play and the low-cost energy derived from those resources offer great opportunity for locating new manufacturing or power generating facilities in the region.


Road.  Ohio’s one-day drive proximity to an estimated 50 percent of the population of the U.S. and Canada make the APEG counties great locations for distribution and warehousing centers as well as just-in-time delivery to Tier One auto manufacturers both north and south.

Uncongested four-lane highways provide East-West access via Ohio Route 3 and Interstate 70.   North-South access through the region is via U.S. Route 23 and Interstate 77.

River.  Appalachian Partnership counties front the majority of the Ohio River’s 451 miles of shoreline.  With 125 plus ports, the mighty Ohio provides the most cost effective way to transport bulk materials as well as an alternate route to the Gulf of Mexico.

Rail.  Major rail lines serve the entire region.

Low Cost of Business

Southern and eastern Ohio offer companies competitive operating cost advantages.  In addition to wage rates below national and regional averages, eastern Ohio has some of the cheapest natural gas in the western hemisphere thanks to the prolific Utica shale formation.

Electric generation in Ohio has been deregulated.  Customers can shop for the best rates.  Large users with the most consistent loads will be able to obtain the lowest rate per kilowatt hour (kWh).

Ohio has a strong, pro-business tax climate that supports industrial development in SEO. By eliminating all but the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT), Ohio ranks in the top five best states, by independent sources, for tax rates.