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Shale Advocate: Watch Belmont County in 2016

CANFIELD, Ohio — This past year has been amazing for the Utica Shale in Ohio, as production of oil and gas in the state has more than doubled. At the end of 2014, Energy in Depth reported that the counties to watch in 2015 included Monroe, Belmont, and Noble counties – and we were right.

Production results for the first three quarters of 2015 showed Utica Shale development trended south to these counties, and the best producing wells, particularly natural gas wells, have been located in these counties. But as we look ahead to 2016, one of these counties, Belmont, is where the real story of promise will lie.

Why does Belmont County stand out among similar counties with high production? Well, it’s because Belmont County is by far the most diversified story in the Utica with a combination of surging production results, new permits to drill, proximity to roads, rail, and barges, and most importantly, a new multi-billion…

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Outlook for manufacturing sector remains positive

CHILLICOTHE – Manufacturing remains an important part of the overall workforce in Chillicothe and is expected to continue its success moving into 2016 as local officials say they foresee anticipated growth not only within the city, but the Appalachian region as a whole.

John Molinaro, president and CEO of the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth, is one individual who already predicts good things for the Chillicothe region.

“I think the Chillicothe area has great promise for additional manufacturing development,” Molinaro said. “The highway corridors there provide excellent opportunities for capturing growth, particularly in the automotive and transportation sectors … so I think the county’s got tremendous opportunity and the biggest strength the county has is the strength we have all over Appalachian Ohio.”

Still, he said there remains challenges, including the fact that the area has difficulty competing for projects because it does not have an…

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Gulfport Energy Announces $500K Gift for Foundation

Gulfport Energy made a $500,000 gift to the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio this week.

Gulfport CEO and President Mike Moore announced the new contribution, which will build on Gulfport’s existing partnership with FAO through the Gulfport Energy Fund at the foundation.

The Gulfport Energy Fund serves the Ohio counties where Gulfport operates.

Grants from the fund support projects that increase quality of life, create access to opportunities or identify and implement solutions to community needs.

More than $300,000 of the new gift will be invested in the Gulfport Energy Fund for grantmaking in these communities.

“We have witnessed the passion and hard-working spirit of the people making a difference in each community and today, we are pleased to increase our investment in Appalachian Ohio with this gift to further encourage and support the region,” Moore said.

Because of the additional investment in the Gulfport Energy Fund, Gulfport is expanding the service area of the fund to…

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