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New Study: Agricultural sector to benefit from new natural gas pipeline infrastructure

FREDERICKTOWN — The Ohio State Grange today (Nov. 19) released a new analysis examining the interrelationship between the agricultural sector and access to affordable natural gas supplies in Ohio and Michigan.

The analysis, conducted by Hillsdale College Professors Dr. Gary Wolfram and Dr. Charles Steele, examines two key aspects of new underground natural gas pipeline projects: safety and the net benefits they deliver to the farming community.

“Agriculture is the traditional industry of America’s Midwest and the livelihood of millions of Americans,” said Lisa Tharp, legislative director of the Ohio State Grange. “It’s important to recognize the positive impact that natural gas pipeline infrastructure will have on farming in the 21st century. Increasing access to affordable natural gas will serve as a great benefit to our region’s farmers that face increasing costs.”

In recent years, Ohio has become a new epicenter of energy development with natural gas production increasing from…

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CSU study predicts Utica Shale will fuel big demand for new jobs

The greatest challenge facing the oil and gas industry isn’t the low price of commodities, it’s demographics.

In the next 5 years or so, baby boomers will retire from the industry, leaving a vacuum of skills and leadership.

To capture new jobs from the anticipated “great crew change,” Ohio needs to educate workers for a range of highly skilled jobs, according to a three-part study released Wednesday by researchers at Cleveland State University’s Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs.


Researchers from the college’s Center for Economic Development and Energy Policy Center estimate Utica drilling and production will generate 10,505 full-time jobs in Ohio by 2019; a third of those jobs will require higher education. That’s up from an estimated 7,558 jobs this year.

Additionally, the anticipated investment of $4.7 billion over the next five years in interstate pipelines and natural gas processing plants will generate 5,000 construction jobs a year, according the…

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Ohio to use fed money to improve rural transit, broadband

The Ohio Department of Transportation plans to use $6.8 million in federal grant money to update technology of rural transit agencies, and increase broadband Internet access in underserved areas.

The grant money awarded to the Transit Tech Ohio project will help rural transit systems throughout Ohio get new or upgraded hardware and software to allow them to schedule and dispatch vehicles more efficiently.

About 34 Ohio transit service areas, including the Lancaster Public Transit System and the Pickaway Area Rural Transit, will receive upgrades. Some agencies lack software and broadband access, while others have software and broadband but need upgrades or new equipment.

By upgrading technology, agencies that offer rides in rural areas can better share their routes and schedules and increase effectiveness, said ODOT spokesman Matt Bruning.

Some rural transit agencies run fixed routes on a schedule, while others may send transportation to a resident who calls to request a ride. The new…

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Candle-lite announces expansion in Leesburg

Candle-lite has announced a major expansion at its Leesburg facility.

Candle-lite has announced a major expansion at its Leesburg facility.

Candle-lite, a CL Products International LLC Company, announced today a major investment in the Leesburg production facility. The nearly $12 million investment will add new production equipment, make leasehold improvements at the facility, and includes 50 new full-time jobs at the operation over the next three years.

The project was announced at a gathering of company officials, community leaders, and economic development partners Thursday in Leesburg.

The new investment comes as Candle-lite celebrates the 175th anniversary in the industry. Candle-lite is the oldest candle company in the United States and makes all of its candles at the Leesburg facility.

“During our peak season, we employ over 600 people in our Leesburg facility,” said Calvin Johnston, CEO. “Our employees are the foundation…

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